Saturday, June 30, 2007

Double Trouble

I have decided to call today's post Double Trouble for several reasons. One, poor Zachary has a double ear infection (which by the way has not slowed him down much). I'm just glad that we were able to go 9 1/2 months before our first confirmed ear infection. We have meds now so hopefully he will feel better soon and sleep through the night again so that mommy feels better too!
Second, my boys are into everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! It seems that their genetic makeup is such that they were born monkeys. Or so they think. They are climbing everything. Nightstands, coffee tables, the tub, the couches....anything that they can get a grip on, they climb. Which stinks for mommy who can't chase them around fast enough! I remember when they used to just lay or sit there and I could cook, clean, and do any other chore that was necessary. Now, not so much!
The boys have been practicing their walking with their mailbox walking toy. They can walk forever with that thing!
Tyler proud of himself
Zachary on the go
Tyler sees the camera yet again
Zachary taking the world (or at least the bedroom) head-on
AND....while mommy is trying to fold laundry, the boys think it's fun to destroy the piles and pull the clothes off of the bed. So in order to contain them while I finish this simple task, they have to go IN the laundry basket! See why I say DOUBLE TROUBLE?!?!?


Kelli said...

What a cute post! I gave up on laundry a long time ago. Once Larissa became mobile, the laundry was left for when she's sleeping!! It does get better though the older they get. You will be able to do chores again with them around soon. Yea fun! No, not really!

Glory Laine said...

I am really glad that I had my singleton first. We had to use a play yard for the twins in the living room. It keeps them safe from Tobins small toys and then we didn't have to put up small gates around the house that Tobin would have to try to negotiate. AND the big reason being that they stay in one place!!!! But I am wondering "how long can I keep them in this thing until they realize there’s a whole world out there?" My goal is Ten years.

Tina said...

You always get the cutest you scrapbook?