Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Someone call Child Welfare!

I think someone is going to call Child Welfare and report me as an abusive mother. My children are covered in bruises!

Tyler has decided that the greatest game ever is to take his coveted yellow blankie and put it over his head so he looks like a ghost and run around the house, laughing the whole way. He absolutely loves it! Until he runs into things with his face, that is. I think he's managed to collide with every edge of every coffee table we own. His face is literally covered with bruises.

And Zachary: the poor kid sometimes lacks coordination and balance! He just gets going too fast and gets ahead of himself. Like just 5 minutes ago, he makes it almost all the way down the stairs, and when he saw the bottom, he just decided he was close enough, and missed the last step and had a run-in with the wall using his head.

So, I think someone will probably call me in here in the near future. Lucky for me I can at least say that they beat on each other instead of me doing it. ; )


Kelli said...

Thankfully all parents have gone through the bruising era and know that's exactly what it is!!! Let's see some cute bruisers!!!!!

Kelli said...

I love the face!!! He's so darn cute even all bruised up!

Tiffany said...

You know, whenever Tristan ends up toppling and has a new bruise to proudly show as part of learning to stand and balance, I think the same thing! Oh no...people are going to think I did this! I think this line of thought comes from working so many years with victims. It is natural for us to go there.