Thursday, November 1, 2007

'Let me in' says Tigger

We had a wonderful Halloween. The boys are just at that perfect age to have so much fun this holiday season. When Tyler was only a few months old, all he wanted to do was bounce, so of course we had to get him a Tigger costume. And Zach ended up as a dinosaur. There's no real reason behind that one other than that he looks good in green and the costume was so darned cute!
After dropping Kathryn at school in her witch costume, we took the boys down to my work and showed them off in their costumes. Then we got to go to a toddler party at our friends Jay and Kelli's house. Let me tell ya, that was so fun! The kids were just adorable. Then it was off to do some trick-or-treating. I thought the boys might not like it, but boy was I wrong! They loved it! In fact, Tyler kept trying to go into peoples' houses! We'd set him down halfway up the driveway and he'd take off running for the front door. He'd climb up the steps and as soon as the people opened the door, he'd try to walk right in! Zach didn't try to enter any houses, but he sure did great standing there at the doorway looking cute!
Here's some photos of our day:
Zachary eyeballing the football
Tyler found our pumpkins

And they were just his size!

So he carried them around for about an hour.

Zach's costume was so cute that I had to get photos from several angles.

See the little tail?

Gearing up for trick-or-treating with Grandma and Mom


Kelli said...

could they be any cuter!?

Princess Jessie Pants said...

How CUTE!! Love the photos - looks like you all had fun!!

Tiffany said...

I think I'm gonna steal Zach's costume and wear it myself next year! I love the itsy bitsy tale for a DINASOUR! How funny! Glad they had fun. Can't wait til next year when Tristan can join in on pumpkin patch trips, etc. more easily!

Tina said...

oh how fun. They are so adorable!