Friday, November 16, 2007

All aboard!

My good friend Kim, whom I've known for 7 years now, is probably one of the craftiest people I know. I absolutely marvel at her abilities to make things! She is especially talented with wood. She made the boys the most beautiful wooden bears before they were born! And today the boys got quite a surprise in the mail: a package! And inside were two of the neatest toys I have ever seen. Animal trains that Kim made! Here is one of the trains:
The boys love them! They carried them and rolled them around all evening! While I was giving Tyler a bath tonight, I noticed that he had red marks on the back of his neck. Upon closer examination, I realized that they were rope burns from where he had carried the train around tonight dangled over his shoulders, causing the rope to rub on his neck. I think he loves the train!
I took these photos after I put the boys in their cribs and took the trains away from them for the night. I decided that the trains will go in the window sill at night and then down for play during the day. They match the woodwork in their room perfectly also!
Kim is a twin herself. She and Zach are the 'Twin B's' and I'm sure will have that special 'B' bond. Thank you Kim for such a wonderful gift!


Tiffany said...

Those are so cool - I can't imagine how much work it took to make them!

Glory Laine said...

I love classic toys. These will surly be passed down to your grandchildren. (weird to think about huh?)

Princess Jessie Pants said...

Those trains are super cool!!

Thank you for the t-you card - you're very sweet. Have a great week!! Talk to you soon!

Tina said...

Very cute. I love it.