Friday, August 17, 2007

It's mine! No, it's mine!

Tonight we had company over. Our friends Erin and Keith came over with their twin boys. Luke and Braedon are about 3 weeks older than our boys. While we ate our dinner, we decided to occupy the boys by throwing down some cheerios onto the floor and letting them have at it! (Yes, we fed our children on the floor! Don't tell anyone!) It was so funny because 4 little heads and 8 little hands all swarmed in trying to grab a cheerio or two.
Aren't they cute?
Here is Luke, Braedon, Zachary and Tyler chomping down on Cheerios.
Tyler had been told not to throw any more toys out on the deck. Can you guess what he just did and why he is trying to look so innocent as his hand (and the toy) are behind him dangling over the deck?
Luke and Braedon brought some toys to share and one was this tambourine. Zachary didn't really use it as most people would, but he did enjoy sticking the noise makers in his mouth!


Tina said...

That is so fun that the boys have TWIN friends their age. They will really enjoy that friendship even more when they're older. You are so blessed.

Tina said...
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