Monday, June 2, 2008

Little Personalities

Boy, over the past few months, the boys' different personalities have really emerged. Zachary is such a little grown-up. He idolizes Kathryn and would spend every second dragging her around if he could. He screams when he sees her walking towards the car after school. And she made up a game similar to 'ring around the rosie' that he just absolutely adores. He never tires of it. He also is my little talker. Oh boy, are we in trouble with this one. He will repeat anything so we really have to be careful now! His new favorite word as of yesterday: 'oops' which he actually pronounces 'opps'. I think he just loves the 'ps' sound together. He also loves to say 'duck quack quack quack' which sounds like 'duckackackack'. I love it!
And then there's Tyler. He is my cantankerous child. Is that how you spell it? Anyway, he creates mischief all day long. He is the poster child of ornery. The other day he knew it was bedtime. I was putting Zach to bed and Tyler was sitting on our bed. About one minute later I come back to fetch him, and he's nowhere to be found. I seriously was looking around the room, thinking 'what the heck?' Then I see this little tiny elbow sticking out from underneath a pile of pillows on my bed. He had hidden himself under two giant pillows and was laying perfectly still so that I wouldn't see him. Once I realized where he was, I could see him barely peeking through watching me. Little brat! He's very smart. Now his goal in life seems to be to find all of the possible hiding spots in the house. What this tells me though is that the kid can sit still when he sees that it accomplishes his goal!
And here is just another example of the boys' personalities. Tyler has discovered how things sound so differently when his ears are under water. So now for bathtime he lays and does this:
And Zachary takes advantage every time and dumps water on him, hits his tummy, pokes his belly button....
....plays with the toys floating around him.....
....but as you can see, it does not deter Tyler's game. Oh, what fun we have ahead of us!!!

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Pampered Chef Junkie said...

Oh boys will be boys! They're so clever! Sounds like you're having a great time, mom!