Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Fish Out Of Water

Tyler thinks he's a fish. He loves the water. Absolutely loves it. So he was very excited when we headed to the Y this morning for the start of swim lessons. Both boys stood and watched the class before us, standing at the ready.
Don't you love the Hawaiian shorts? (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!)
Aunt Trish got to go in the pool today as I couldn't due to having eye surgery again this week. But next week I'll get to go in. Aunt Trish and Tyler had a fantastic time!

Lets all blow bubbles!
And ya gotta have some lovin'!

Notice the new haircuts???
Awww, Zachary needed some lovin' too!


Glory Laine said...

Eye surgery? Again? More info please.

Melissa said...

My left eye is 20/15 after my first surgery, but my right eye was fluctuating between 20/35 and 20/40 so I chose to do an enhancement. Nothing major, and WAY easier than the first time!!! And now my right eye is BETTER than my left!!!

Meghan said...

Swim Lessons look like so much awesome that Mike goes too...I don't think I could EVER get Eddie to go!! Does the Y offer swim lessons for babies?