Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

We've had a busy week! On Thursday, Tyler took Papa to school for his Sharing Day as the theme was Construction: Let's Build. Papa brought a whole bag full of tools and his safety vest and hard hat, and he spoke to the kids about building and laying brick. It was very cute and Tyler was so excited to take him.

We had a wonderful Easter. He is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Yesterday we went to an Easter Egg hunt in Molalla and had a wonderful time.
Kylie didn't really get into it this year...she was more focused on said Easter Bunny below. As soon as she saw the bunny, she forgot completely about the eggs.
She did still manage to snag a few though. :)
The boys on the other hand were all about the eggs! I love how Tyler took off from the start line and lifted his basket over this little girl as he carefully darted around her. :)
Zach is in the grey hoodie on the right bending down to get an egg. It was mass chaos.

Had a great time, and the weather totally cooperated, which was great!
Today we had a really low-key Easter day. I didn't even have to cook much, and didn't have Easter at my house. Mike had to work the night before so we went to the 10am service, then headed to our dear neighbors' house for a wonderful Easter dinner. Mike had to work again this afternoon, so the kids and I played outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Kylie had the most gorgeous dress this year. I absolutely love it. I wanted to get a decent picture of her, but every time I tried to take one, she had to do this silly face, the little stinker! Tyler really wanted to get a picture with her, but he wouldn't give me the smile. Oh well, at least he somewhat posed!
Happy Easter, everyone!

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