Monday, December 12, 2011

A little bit of everything....

We have been insanely busy with the holiday season upon us, but we have definitely been having fun! However, I feel like I need about 98 hours of uninterrupted sleep to catch up.
This last weekend was the Salem PD's Kids Christmas Party. It is our favorite holiday event. So many friends in one place, plus amazing food, great crafts, Santa, and presents for everyone!
Kylie was fine around Santa as long as I was nearby. As soon as Santa left the room, she asked, "Where's Ho Ho Ho?" and has been asking me that every day since. I guess she can't say Santa yet so "Ho Ho Ho" works for this year.
The girl on the left is one of my piano students, Jenna. She will turn 8 this week. The boys and Kylie just love her. Kylie sat next to her the entire time they waited for their presents. It was probably about half an hour. I was so glad to have a bit of a break and Jenna is such a great sport to play with her.
The boys got Transformers and Kylie got a talking Dora backpack. Kathryn got a $20 Jamba Juice card. Lucky girl.

This was Kathryn's 1st year of playing volleyball. She really enjoyed it. She is good at it with her height. I didn't do a very good job of getting pictures this season, but here she is with her team.
Kathryn's the tallest one.
And the boys are so into the holiday season this year. Every day they want to do something to make the house more Christmassy. Today they took pipe cleaners and beads and made things. Then Zach made me close my eyes and he took me to his room to show me how he had decorated.
It is hard to see, but he put Christmas ornaments that he made all along his upper bunk. Here is a close-up:
A candy cane and a wreath. I just love his spirit. And this year they really get that Christmas is about baby Jesus being born into the world. They are also understanding how fortunate we are to have money for presents and food, and a warm home to live in. Tomorrow we will be purchasing presents for a child who has no presents this year and they are so excited to deliver the gifts to our church for the little boy. Very proud of my family and their giving spirit.

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Sharlee said...

So does this mean Kathryn is taking us all to Jamba Juice? hehe I am sure Santa would want her to share. It was so great seeing you guys at the party. We LOVE your family!!