Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick-or Treat!!

Happy Halloween!!! It was so fun having Halloween on a Saturday this year. It was nice to not be rushed after school and just have a relaxing day and dinner before trick-or-treating. This year Zachary was a green dragon with 'googly-eye balls' and Tyler was a lion with a very ferocious roar. Kathryn was a biker chick decked out in all Harley Davidson gear and Kylie was a cute little bear.

The candy bucket makes a great hat!

Aunt Trish and baby Kylie on her first Halloween!

Zachary loved showing off his tail!

Tyler wouldn't let me get a decent picture of him, but this i shim showing me his tail.

Kylie tolerated the trick-or-treating very well! She fell asleep towards the end of our walk.

Tyler didn't want to carry his basket, but after every house he would race his candy back to Papa to put it in his pumpkin. It was so funny!

Once we were home, the kids (and as you can see, this includes the biggest kid of all) sat down to divvy up and trade their candy. Mike kept trying to talk Zachary into trading Kathryn for her good chocolate, but all Zachary wanted was her suckers!

Kylie was exhausted from her busy night, I think.

We were very lucky to have lots of friends with us tonight to help out. We had a great time and have enough candy to last us until NEXT Halloween!

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