Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pics

I hope you had a very blessed Easter! We had a fabulous day! We are so lucky that God is good and takes care of us in so many ways. We got up and did easter baskets...
...the boys loved theirs! They immediately ate a chocolate bunny. That was the start of the sugar rush yesterday.
Kathryn got a new baseball shirt and a chocolate cross among other things...

The boys got new outfits for church from Grandma and Grandpa. Very cute!
The boys of course had to see if Kathryn had any candy that was better than theirs in her basket!
Sorry, no pics of Matthew. He slept in and pretty much decided that the Easter basket is not as important as sleep.
We had a fabulous turkey/ham dinner with friends and family.
And a little Easter bunny house building.
Zachary got new highlighters so he spent his time drawing, and eating any extra candy pieces that rolled his way from the building project.

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