Saturday, December 15, 2007

The day of decorating

Today Matthew, Kathryn, and Mike trekked out into the mud and the cold to get a tree. We decided not to take the boys this year as it would just be sheer chaos since they don't listen and just run the opposite directions at the sight of freedom. But once they got back, the boys were all about 'helping' out with the tree.
Zachary is totally into 'playing dead' now, so here he is, laying on the floor playing dead next to everyone else working on the tree.

See how helpful the boys are? Climbing on daddy while he's trying to make the tree stand up is super-helpful.
I love how they stand there staring as though evaluating the project.
Tonight Zachary decided to drag the wrapping paper around the house.

And here is the end result.


Tiffany said...

Very nice...and very brave. We are opting for the table top variety this year and I'm not even sure I'm all that keen on that idea.

Tina said... boss and his wife have a three year old. They opted to put the tree on the deck, in front of their bay-picture window. They get to enjoy its beauty and the kiddo keeps out of it...brilliant!!!