Friday, February 11, 2011

Random February Pics

I finally took some pictures of the kiddos and thought I'd better post them on here. I didn't get any of Matthew, but he turns 16 next week so I'll post some of him then.

Kathryn made the honor roll for her first semester of middle school and got a certificate. Very proud of her! And doesn't she look so grown up?!? When did this happen!! (Thanks Stacey for taking this picture!)
Miss Kylie is into everything these days. And I mean everything. And her favorites are my kitchen stuff and my makeup.

She decided to put on her hat this afternoon while I was folding laundry.

Our friend Brenna painted on her purple hearts at our Valentine's Day party at playgroup today. So sweet. This girl just fills my heart.


This is what she does every morning to my bathroom. And sometimes every afternoon. And every evening.

She loves playing with her headbands and hair clips too. And my water bottle, as is evident on her shirt.

My Tyler-man. Hates having his picture taken. Couldn't even get him to smile. He has a black heart painted on his face.

These boys are getting so big.

And then there's Mr. Zachary. My little talker. Always. Never stops. Seriously.

Love my kiddos.

And this is just showing Miss Busy Girl Kylie going from one thing to the next. Always. Never stops. Seriously.

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Mike and Mindy Roth said...

I think it is funny that you describe Zach as your talker. When we have taken the boys, it is Tyler who does all of the talking. Doesn't stop. Seriously. (and yes I know which one is which :-)