Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Many Days of Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody! Wow, we had a very busy few days! We started out with lots of presents under the tree.

Baby Kylie got to wear her Christmas dress with her headband that Mike says makes her look like a big present.

Aunt Trish came over around noon on Christmas Eve and we started out by doing presents with her. I wish we had more time with her this year, but, at least we got a few minutes.

Can you tell that one, Matthew is a Beavers fan and two, he doesn't like me making him smile for the camera? : )

It is so much fun to unwrap presents when you are 3 years old!!!

Kathryn got comfy pajama pants. And lucky for me, she and I can exchange clothes and these fit me pretty well too!

Aunt Trish got the boys a new Cars table and chairs. Can you tell Tyler likes it??

They also got the Cars tent that you see in the corner of the pic.

Here is the full-length view of her Christmas dress and tights.

Then it was off to Tom and Jessica's before church. We are so lucky to have Tom and Jessica as neighbors. We love them dearly.

They spoiled us with gifts! Tom was reading the instructions to one of the toys and had all 3 boys hovering over him.

Jessica & Kylie

Then it was off to the Christmas Eve service at church. The boys got to hold their own candles and were very proud of themselves. I was just happy that they didn't light the guy's hair on fire that was standing in front of us!

After that it was off to Sandi and Irvin's house. We adopted them years ago into our family and their home is like our second home. Whether they like it or not! : )

Irvin and Sandi are 'slightly' crazy about Harley Davidson things (I should have taken a picture of the HD room!) so we all got HD gear now that we're a family with a Harley in the garage!

More HD gear

The boys got a tent/tunnel system which again, as you can tell, Tyler really likes!

We got Irvin a 'History of the Harley Davidson' book which I think he really liked!

And the boys got remote control trucks, which they LOVE!!! This is a fun age where they really can do a lot of things by themselves. They love seeing the trucks go on 'their command'.

Kylie got a beautiful blanket, which I too am benefitting from greatly when I hold her!

Sandi the great hostess

The guys

That night the boys carefully chose out which cookies Santa would like and also left him a Diet Dr. Pepper. Too cute!

The kids must have been fairly good this year because Santa managed to find our house!

Once the boys woke up and realized it was Christmas, we were off and running for the day!

Santa really wedged Tyler's stocking full!

Matthew and his OSU stocking

See the new Toy Story jammies?

Even Kylie got some new toys in her stocking!

Kathryn got lots of girlie things...chap stick, lip gloss, fun hair things....

Then it was time for presents. Too bad there weren't many to open! : )

New Diego airplanes! Cool!

Computer games!

Cars dominoes!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse games!

Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Kathryn for the boys

Uncle Matt and Kylie

Then it was dinner, aka feast, time! This year we cooked 1 huge ham and 2 turkeys because we had Christmas dinner, then a full dinner the following day for about 30 people.

That night we went and visited friends and then prepped more food for the party the next day.

Then, on the 26th....more presents!! If the children ever complain of being deprived, I think I will show them these pictures!!!

The cousins, which are all around the same age, did a gift exchange and it was a blast!

We had my mom's side of the family over and it was a great time!

Lots of cousins hanging out together....great fun!

And this was the night of the 26th....the boys LOVE their Cars table.
Today we are finally starting to unwind and get back to some sense of 'normal.' We were so lucky that Mike had all of the holidays off this quarter so he got to be a huge part of everything.
We are so grateful for our family and friends, and blessed with being able to celebrate so many things in life, along with the birth of Baby Jesus and the true reason for Christmas. I hope you all have a great New Years!

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Princess Jessie Pants said...

Crimany!! I'm tired just reading your last few days!! :) Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!! Enjoy the rest of 'the break'. xoxo