Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First Snow Day in Salem

Today we had quite a surprise: SNOW! And it was completely unexpected! I couldn't believe it when I looked outside at 1pm and saw the big flakes.

I yelled to Zach and Tyler to get their coats and boots and we headed out onto the deck. I didn't think it would last long so I told them to enjoy it while we had it.

It was actually sticking so the boys got to play for quite a while before naptime. I forewarned them that it would probably be gone after nap.

But, after they woke up from nap, they found about 1 inch of snow on the ground!

We all bundled up and headed out. Kylie got to try out her new snow suit.

The boys got to have some fun on the sled (aka wakeboard) as Dad pulled them around the driveway.

Kylie really seemed to enjoy looking at the big flakes as they fell all around her.

Yay for the first snow of the season!!! Hopefully it will visit again soon!

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