Friday, November 27, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

So, I took my camera to Thanksgiving dinner and didn't take ONE picture! How awful! But we had an absolutely fabulous dinner with family and friends.

Today we decided to get our Christmas tree since the weather was absolutely perfect.

We went with our friends Tom and David to pick out some trees. The boys all had a great time running around through the trees.

I had to have Kathryn stand against a tree to show how big she's getting!!!


Wow, this stump is REALLY interesting!

The whole group around the 'chosen' tree

Kylie's first Christmas Tree experience

Haulin' Tree #1 back to the truck

Geez, Mike is almost as tall as some of the trees!

And check this out: a family photo with yes, ALL seven of us and look....ALL seven are looking at the camera! I am positive that this will never, ever happen again!

Photos of the decorated tree to come soon....

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Princess Jessie Pants said...

Love that last photo!! I can't wait to get home & put up my tree!! See you Tuesday! xoxo