Friday, April 4, 2008

The Big Day

Yes, the BIG DAY. Rascal Flatts is here! C'mon, that's what you were thinking too, right? The 'Big Day' of course means Rascal Flatts! Well, at least for me it does. This will be my first night out, and I mean, really kids, not just a movie, but out of about 2 years. Well, more than that even. Since before I got pregnant. So yes, for me, its a Big Day. I got out my cowboy hat in anticipation and of course had to try it on the boys. Tyler, who as you can tell is way more enthralled by my eyelash curler, was not happy with me. Zachary on the other hand seemed to feel right at home in the hat!

Check back for photos of the Big Day event!


Pampered Chef Junkie said...

And where's the pic of you in the hat?

Meghan said...

The boys look too cute in that hat! Hope you had a wonderful time at the concert... I'll bet it was great!