Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I lost my children!

Well, okay, I didn't really lose them, I just momentarily didn't know where they were. This morning we went downstairs to play before eating our breakfast, and I apparently forgot to put the baby gate up on the stairs. I took about 90 seconds to read the paper while the boys were playing. After about 78 seconds I noticed that it was awfully quiet and I didn't see any little children tearing apart the paper that I was trying to read anymore. So I start searching around downstairs. Not in the laundry room. Not under the baby grand piano. And not in the closet. Hmmm. So I look and yep, no baby gate up. So I dash upstairs and I find that my boys have gone up 17 stairs together and are banging on the windows of our great room. Lovely.
And this picture is yet another example of what I do all day. I chase these two around. Their favorite thing to do now is to relieve any drawers of their contents and fill them back up with toys or whatever else they find. The other night Mike couldn't find his cell phone. I said, uh, I bet its in a drawer somewhere! Call it. Sure enough, it was in the bottom drawer of Mike's dresser, compliments of Zachary.
And here is my little Zachary, looking like the innocent little angel that he thinks he is!
And Tyler too, playing with a toy, looking all cute and so incapable of escaping from mom!


Glory Laine said...

We should invent some sort of twin tracking device. We'll be rich!

Princess Jessie Pants said...

That's hilarious. At least they aren't filling up your drawers with frogs & worms & dirt...yet. :)

Kelli said...

I've done that!!! Isn't it crazy how fast the little buggers are!?

Tina said...

We've all seen the show rugrats where the kids sit in a pen all day and the parents go about their merry way. Yeah, even I, who have not been blessed with my own children yet, know that is not the case! I'm sure you're getting a great workout everyday, just trying to keep up with them!