Monday, November 18, 2013

October Wrap-up and the start of a pretty great start of November!

OH MY GOSH have we been busy!  But it has been good busy!  First off, I am almost a month behind in posting Halloween pictures.  Sorry about that!  My beautiful baby girl was Rapunzel this Halloween and Kathryn and I picked up some flowers at the Dollar Store to weave into her braid.  So pretty!  Zachary and Tyler also got to dress up 2xs that day as their school had book character day during the day.  Zachary dressed up as Detective Zack from his chapter book and Tyler dressed up as Superman from his Batman book.

Then at night they got to dress up in their real costumes - Hulk and Power Ranger guy.  He has a name but I don't remember it.

 We had a fabulous time trick-or-treating and we walked our way down to their school for their Harvest Party with lots of games and candy.

 My little princess fishing.

 Then, for the 1st weekend in November, we packed up the car with the 4 kids and my parents and I and we headed to Eastern Washington.  First stop was Pasco to stay with my aunt and uncle and cousins.  Second stop was Cheney to see Matthew.  Zachary drew him a red Eagle for his game.
 Kylie took a nap or two along the way - it's a long drive for a little girl.
 And yes, here's the crazy red Inferno field in all its glory.  It is bright!  But awesome!  Matthew had an amazing game and his team has clinched at least part of their division title.  If they beat PSU this weekend then they will win it outright.  We're so thrilled with the Eagles and their coaches.
 After the game we went to the locker room to wait for Matthew.  Matthew's coach came out and took the boys into the locker room to see Matthew and also had the team sign a ball.  I am pretty sure that will be one of the highlights of the boys' life!  We also got to play on the turf after the game.  So fun!

Also, that same day, my dad turned 60 so we were so thankful to be able to celebrate with Matthew and also with my dad's family.  We are so blessed!

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