Thursday, May 5, 2011

"My Mom is........."

Mother's Day is coming....and I got some pretty great presents from the boys that they made in preschool today. Potted plants with pots that they painted, bath salts, and this lovely tribute. Too bad the first line says...."My Mom is MEAN". Zachary wrote this whole page. When I first saw it I was like, wow! He's really doing great with his writing, especially since he's only 4! Then I read the words and I was like, what?? My mom said, you have to keep reading, it also says 'pretty, fun, and super'. I was like, the first line says MEAN!! I can just see Zachary sitting with that poor high schooler in class who says 'tell me about your mommy' and he says 'she's mean!' Then I can just picture the teacher spelling out the word and helping him write M-E-A-N. So, should I be expecting a call from Child Welfare this week?? I asked Zach why he said that I was mean and he said 'Because sometimes you spank me and because you don't give me candy whenever I want it.'

Here's miss Kylie who decided to help me with my cleaning last night. She likes putting on the rubber gloves and splashing around in the toilet. Great.


Mike and Mindy Roth said...

You know who the real mean mommy is? The one who threw her sons in the garbage without even reading it. I have to go dig mine out of the HUGE bin in the garage. I have to know what Jaycoby wrote about me.
I can't believe he said mean. I'm sure all of our kids think that about us though, because we are always telling them NO!

Mike and Mindy Roth said...

After busting a rib trying to find mine (in our disgusting, smelly garbage bin) I asked Jaycoby if he made one of those at school. He said "they did, but I didn't". Awesome! I stink for nothing.