Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kylie's first pool day

Wow, summer is here! Finally! It was in the mid-80's today so we got out the backyard pools and played in the water for hours!

I was worried that the water would be too cold for Kylie since it was straight from the hose, but she loved it!!

I love this pic, so sweet of my little girl snuggling with me. I love her so much! I am so grateful for my kids, all of them!! We have the best family of 7 ever!!

Kylie even ventured into the boys' pool! Until they all saw her in there and came splashing in and scared her off! : )

We had the double slip-n slide set up too!

And this is Kylie's princess car. She absolutely loves it! I love having both the boys and girls and seeing how different they are, yet how much they all love each other and can play together! I'm feeling very blessed today!

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