Sunday, April 18, 2010

Barkdust...lots of barkdust...

Thursday was barkdust day! We got 7.5 yards and split it with our neighbor. The guys spent all afternoon spreading barkdust, but it sure looks great!
(That's Mike's dad Dave visiting us from Montana!)

Tom (neighbor) and Mike, hard at work

Then Mike had to drain the pond and clean out all of the leaves.

And refill it, of course.

I planted all of my hanging baskets, and added several more trees and shrubs to the yard.

The end results...

We also visited Grandma and Papa this weekend. Papa had to spread sawdust too, but by then Tyler was a pro so he was a big helper.

Kylie got her first ride on the tractor.

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Princess Jessie Pants said...

Your yard looks beautiful!! I need to do that to mine...

What does your dad do with the sawdust? Does he use it like barkdust?