Sunday, March 21, 2010

The blog's biggest fan

I wanted to take a minute to recognize Mike's mom, Cherie. She was an amazing woman. I am so grateful to her that she took Mike home from the hospital when she did and raised him to be the man that he is today. She loved her grandkids more than life itself, I think. She checked my blog every day to see what was new in the Sommer household and to keep tabs on the kids' lives. I know that the distance was hard on her (she lived in Montana) and I partly started this blog for her and Dave so that they could be a part of our daily lives through the stories and pictures.

She lost her battle with lung cancer on Thursday, March 18th. Mike was so thankful to get to spend her last days with her. I wanted to take a minute to recognize her life, and I know that she is in a happier place now where she will be watching over all of us every day.

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Princess Jessie Pants said...

What a nice tribute Melissa. Praying for you guys as you continue dealing with this tremendous loss.