Monday, January 11, 2010

Kylie's First Cereal

Now that Kylie is 5 months old, I decided to start her on some rice cereal tonight. She seems really interested in food, and is always trying to get ahold of anything that we eat.

I set her up in her Bumbo, got out a bib (first time she's worn one) and made up some cereal.

You will notice Tyler in the picture...he has been begging me to give her cereal for weeks so when I finally said...okay....he was all for helping me get set up.

Let me tell ya, Kylie was definitely ready for cereal!

Look at her grabbing for the bowl! I think next time I'll give her her own spoon to hold so that she quits trying to grab mine!

(please disregard the VERY bad hair day that she's having....) : )

This is what she looked like at the end of her feeding. Not bad at all!

Just a quick wipe and she was good to go! She didn't wear the cereal like the boys did after their first cereal experience!

And then I gave her the spoon and let her just chomp away on it. She's teething like crazy so she loved the feel of it on her gums.

I can't wait to start experimenting with the different fruits and vegetables and see what she likes! Hopefully she'll be a great eater, just like the boys.

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Princess Jessie Pants said...

Oh yae!! So fun! And how cute that you have little helpers excited to help you too! :) Happy week!!