Friday, January 23, 2009

Status Quo

It has been a long time since I posted anything! And I really don't have anything new to report. Everything is status quo around here. We are adjusting to Mike's new graveyard schedule, and I am adjusting to pregnancy life...Saltines, lots of naps, a new wardrobe. I am really trying to enjoy this time as it will definitely be my last time being pregnant. I know that even though it doesn't seem to be going fast now, July will be here before I know it! We will find out the first week of March whether we are having a boy or girl. The boys are just words and crazy ideas every day. I love this age (minus the occasional tantrum). Matthew is doing so great at basketball this year....I am so proud of him! LaCrosse is right around the corner for him, and then next year it is on to high school sports! Kathryn is really enjoying her kids groups at our church, and she is anxiously awaiting baseball season. The boys and I are heading to Grandma and Papa's house this weekend so that mommy can get a little R&R and help chasing around the munchkins while daddy gets some much needed sleep.

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