Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coolin' Off

Last Sunday it was such a beautiful day, so we headed (well, more like invaded) to Sandi and Irvin's house to BBQ and swim. Tyler found these lovely goggles and thought the world looked more interesting in blue. I couldn't believe how long he wore them!
Sandi has these great windchimes which the boys have discovered. Zachary just can't keep his hands off! He loves making noise with them!

Tyler had fun in the new floatie

And after swimming you of course have to have a huge popsicle!

And then you have to wash up in the doggie water bucket!
And have a little swingin' time with Grandpa!

And this last video just cracks me up. Isn't it funny what we as adults will do to entertain a child? Or just have fun with them???


Pampered Chef Junkie said...

Oh my gosh...too the video...what happened to dad's arm? did he have surgery or something?

Tiffany said...

You know I can't get Tristan to eat a popsicle. He has no idea what he's missing. Glad your boys only wash up in the doggy dish - maybe they can teach Tristan a thing or two because he thinks he's a dog and tries to DRINK out of it.