Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My little Abby Cadabby

Kylie loves Abby Cadabby.  She is Elmo's cousin on Sesame Street.  She's this adorable little fairy that flits around.  I found this costume for $3 at a consignment sale and snagged it!  We added the turquoise Toms she got for her birthday and the hair bows, and all set!  Today she got to wear her costume to preschool because they went all through the high school and trick-or-treated the classrooms.  She was so excited!  She was up at 7am to get ready.  Kathryn was fully in charge of Kylie this morning and she made her into the perfect Abby!  When I finally drug my butt out of bed at 8am to take pictures and take Kylie to school, I was so thrilled at what a cute little Abby Kathryn had turned Kylie into.  And look at all the candy she got!  Sheesh!

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