Monday, September 20, 2010

The Big Birthday Bash!

On Saturday we had the boys' 4th birthday party at the Gilbert House. The theme was Dr. Seuss and we had a bit of everything Seuss-like: the Grinch, Thing 1 and Thing 2, The Cat In The fun!

Miss Kylie was all decked out in a new outfit.

This was the amazing (and incredibly delicious) cake!

Party time!!

Mmmm, pizza with Grandma!

Gotta love the string pinatas! Mike was really, really disappointed that I didn't bring a bat to let the kids swing with, but....honestly....I have never understood the logic behind blindfolding a child and giving them a bat to swing at an object they can't see with tons of other children flocking around them. Safety hazard? I think so!!


Even had new matching Dr. Seuss shirts on!

Mmm, candles and cake!

And of course, the reason they absolutely love Gilbert House: SWINGS!
We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family who came to the boys' party! Thanks everyone!

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