Friday, March 20, 2009

Aren't new beds for jumping on?

The boys are spending another weekend with Grandma and Papa while I get a little bit of rest at home. The boys absolutely love spending time at their house. They get to play outside with Papa in the mud, chase around the cat and dog, do lots of the boys helped make cookies and chicken and dumplings, and Zachary got to help wash dishes!
Then they found out that Grandma and Papa got them a new bed! They had been sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags and won't get their new twin bed (which is Matthew's bed now) until I order their new beds for home and we transition the bedrooms for the new baby, so in the meantime, one of Papa's coworkers gave him this huge air mattress! Let me tell ya, the boys love it! Well, love to jump on it, that is. I didn't even call mom tonight to check to see if the boys ever went to sleep on it because I was afraid they'd still be up jumping at 11pm and I just don't want to know!

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Tiffany said...

Can I send Mike over so Zach can teach him how to wash dishes?