Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lets go fishing for daddy's fish!

Well, we all caught the major cold bug. Unfortunately, for me it turned into a sinus/lung infection and for the boys, double ear infections and pneumonia. But, after a week of being home-bound, we're doing better. Mike cleaned out our pond yesterday and got it up and running again, so today he wanted to get fish to go in it. The boys were excited all morning to go get fish.
So we went to PetSmart and got about 20 cheap goldfish. The boys were fascinated as the employee pulled out his big net, and scooped again and again into the tank to pull out the fish and flip them into the bag. When we got home, we put them in this bucket and Mike put the bucket in the garage. Then we proceeded to make lunch while the boys played with their toys in the garage. The door was open, so we could hear them as they were only a few feet away, and everything seemed good for about the 3 minutes they were out there, and then Mike went out. The next thing I know, I hear Mike yelling, with a stressed chuckle in his voice, 'Melissa, get out here! I can't decide whether to be mad or laugh and you've got to see this!' So of course, I go racing out there thinking, oh no....what did they do now? Well, apparently the boys learned a LOT from watching the PetSmart employee with his little net digging out the fish.
The boys got into their play bin and got out their mini LaCrosse sticks (to copy big brother Matthew who plays LaCrosse) and were using the sticks as the 'scooper' and they were scooping the fish out of the bucket! There were several fish flopping around on the garage floor.
Mike quickly scooped up all of the fish and tossed them back in the bucket and we avoided any fish casualties. And we were both very impressed by their creativity in copying the PetSmart guy!

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Pampered Chef Junkie said...

They're so smart! I was thinking about you yesterday as I was in Salem for work. :)