Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mommy, get over it!

So, now that my boys are so mobile and are into everything, I'm starting to realize that I've got to get over my dislike of dirtiness, mud, messes, etc. I'm sure that my boys are going to love to make mud pies, bury things in the garden, seek out mud puddles, and probably bring bugs into the house. (Hopefully these things will happen on Mike's days off, but.....that's probably just wishful thinking). For example, yesterday, the weather was so crummy and we were all tired of being house-bound, so as soon as there was a sun break, we headed out. And the boys found the deepest puddle of muddy water on our property. They splashed and splashed and splashed until we were all drenched and muddy, and then we came in and changed. And I survived!!! But then I had to deal with un-matching outfits because their pants were all dirty but their shirts were still clean. But I'm working on that too.
Anyhow, today I decided that I would just dive in and give the boys a spoon and bowls of yogurt. They know how to use the spoon to feed themselves once I put the food on it, but, I'm ready for them to do it themselves. Here's photos of our morning:

Yes, he's clapping with yogurt-covered hands, which sent even more yogurt flying through the kitchen.
If you look closely, you'll notice that there are no spoons being used in these pictures!!! Thats because they promptly got thrown on the floor so that they could devour the yogurt (or try anyway) with their hands!!!


Princess Jessie Pants said...

I have a feeling I'll be the same way! Cute pictures though!! That yogurt cracks me up!!

Tiff said...

Well, all in all I think they came out of the yogurt experiment rather clean! It COULD have been worse - they could have poured it on their heads or something I guess!

Kelli said...

you're doing a fabulous job as a mother. Don't even worry bout getting over things. We all have had to do that! I've come to the realization with some of my vices that it's not worth the fight and tears when it will only take me an extra minute or two to let Larissa help me do something. I didnt' even notice the unmatching outfits yesterday and you told me they were unmatching!!! You're awesome and much better with two than I ever would be. Keep up the fabulous work!